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Saturday, November 22
· Painting Bathrooms
· Prince George Kitchen Cabinets
· Prince George Painters - Wood Ceilings, Beams, Beadboard, Wainscoting
Wednesday, September 10
· Garden Sprayer for Staining a Log Home
Tuesday, August 07
· HVLP (high volume low pressure)
· Airless
Wednesday, June 27
· How much do I thin my paint?
Sunday, January 21
· Caulking Tips
Thursday, November 16
· Benjamin Moore Aura Paint, Prince George, BC Canada
Friday, October 27
· testing colors on walls before painting
Thursday, October 12
· How high to hang pictures or art work?
Wednesday, September 13
· Painting on HGTV - show us how to paint like a pro
· Buying or Building a new home in Prince George?
Friday, August 18
· Painting Dark Colours ?
Sunday, August 06
· Choosing Colours
· Fast & Cheap Painting
Saturday, August 05
· Prince George - New Home Construction
Wednesday, May 10
· Painting Bathrooms (around toilets)
Tuesday, April 18
· Painting Fiberglass Doors
Monday, April 17
· Using Fans to Clean Dust & Paint
Thursday, February 23
· New Home Construction - Chalky, faded paint with gaps and cracks everywhere
Tuesday, February 21
· Experience
· Property Protection
· Our Warranty
Tuesday, January 31
· Basic Paint Job
Saturday, January 28
· My Paint is lumpy, what do I do?
Tuesday, January 24
· High End Painting in Prince George
Wednesday, January 04
· Removing Sikkens
Tuesday, January 03
· Drywall
Monday, January 02
· Cedar/Pine Walls - T&G Staining & Finishing
Sunday, January 01
· Wallpaper Removal - Painting Over Wallpaper
Sunday, December 18
· recommended sundries (paint tools)
Monday, November 14
· Benjamin Moore Painting & Decorating
· Choosing a Painter
Wednesday, November 09
· Painters Equipment List
· Painting Baseboards With Class
Tuesday, November 08
· Painting Kitchen Cabinets
Monday, November 07
· Painting Crown Moldings
· Painting Baseboards with Production
Saturday, November 05
· Contractors Grade Verses Top Line Paint
Sunday, October 30
· About Chris...
Saturday, October 29
· Painting Costs
· Painting Trim
Friday, September 23
· Painting Windows With Class
Wednesday, September 21
· West Vancouver Benjamin Moore Painter
· Abbotsford Benjamin Moore Painter
Friday, September 02
· Painting Eagle Mountain Homes in Abbotsford BC.
Saturday, July 23
· Cedar Log Finishing with TimberPro UV - The Manitoba Project
Saturday, July 09
· Staining Wood Ceilings
· Painting French Doors and Trim

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Prince George Painting Contractor

CALL: 613-2382

Traditional Brush & Roller to silk-to-touch Airless, Air Assisted Airless, and HVLP Painting Services.
Smooth Walls, Straight Lines, Deep Colour, Awesome Trim, Wood Finishing, Kitchens, Cabinets, Refinishing, High Quality Spraying and More!

Prince George's Finest Painting & Decorating Services. Painting Skills for Very Quality Minded People.

BEAUTIFUL Interior Painting

Prince George Painting

Prince George Kitchens, Cabinets, Cabinet Restoration

Prince George Kitchen Cabinet Painting Services

Painting That Substantially Increases Value to Older Homes

prince george painting

Beautiful Log Home Finishing

Log Home Finishing - Timber Pro Coatings

We Paint Chairs, Bars, Railings and Spindle Refinishing

Prince George Restaurant Supplies

High End Commercial

Some of our commercial clients include:

 Magestic Management
Northern Health, Canadian Cancer Society, various professional businesses located in the HSBC Building, Scotia Building, Phoenix Building,  Sears, Canadian Tire and other offices and restaurants whom all appreciate upper quality contractors in Prince George.

Category Specialties:

  • High Quality Custom Interior Painting
    • Rich Colour applicator and trim work
  • High Quality Airless, Air Assisted Airless, HVLP wood finishing
  • High Quality Commercial Interior Painting
  • Benjamin Moore Paint Applicator (since 1975) apprenticed using BM and continue to use the best paint available)
  • High Quality Log & Post & Beam Staining
  • Interior Decoration and Design Consultation Referrals
  • Repainting The Competition
    • (Smile)... The PAINTING Guys don't really have "competition". High quality painting involves skill mixed with talent. Skill & talent unique to high end training and style. When you hire The PAINTING Guys you are getting our quality, branded package. The PAINTING Guys interior paint jobs are very identifiable and memorable. Painting skills that protect your investment, add monetary value to your home and, definitely add a welcoming, visual feeling of richness and colour to everything we paint.
      The PAINTING Guys don't buy cheaper products to compete in the interior painting business. Budget paints and budget painting isn't an option for us. The PAINTING Guys use the highest rated painting products with the lowest volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are emitted as gases from certain solids or liquids). We take the time to do it right for each and every client we work for! (See Testimonials and Costs)

Client Base:

  • Prince George, BC
    • small to large projects,
  • North Shore (North & West Vancouver, British Properties)
    • larger high end residential projects only

Client Profile:

  • Generally people who appreciate higher quality work

Owner, Chris Bialuski apprenticed under Glen Wheatley, an English/ European style of painting & decorating from 1975 to 1978. Chris offers Prince George and the North Shore clients top quality traditional interior painting techniques to cutting edge HVLP (high volume low pressure) and silk-to-touch airless spraying methods. " I take pride in painting modest to extreme detail homes (commercial or residential)... ". I put the same effort in every project I paint. When I'm finished, I leave my name is on it".

Prince George BC Painting & Decorating

Professional Painting & Decorating Services

(Highly Trained, Physically Fit, Non Smoking)

Specialized Multi Colour Painting, Wood Staining & Coating Includes:
  • Walls
  • Ceilings (smooth, textured or wood)
  • High Entrances, etc.
  • Crown Moldings and Detailed Trim
  • French Doors etc.
  • Stair, Railings etc. (natural wood or colours)
  • Wood Staining and Finish Applications (feature wood walls, doors, trim, furniture etc.) NOTE Links to: Log Home & Post & Beam finishing section!)

    • Custom Decor Painting (can repaint tables, cabinets, shelves, shadow boxes, decorative items, speakers, etc. on location to match interior design). Buffing wood, restoring old tables PLUS >>> entire log and timber frame clear coating, staining and more...

      Restoration and Renovation? ADD SUBSTANTIAL VALUE TO OLDER HOMES! We remove old dated trim and install wider, stunning looking crown moldings and trim work.
    CALL: 613-2382

Latest News Available at
Prince George Painters: The PAINTING Guys - HIGH QUALITY commercial, residential painting

· What Sheen to Use? - Flat (matt) , Eggshell, Satin, Semi, Gloss)
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· Burns Lake Painting
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· Prince George PAINTING Guys use the very best paint on the market.
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· Prince George Real Estate Agencies
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· Prince George Budget Painting
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· Painting Bathrooms
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· Prince George Kitchen Cabinets
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· Prince George Painters - Wood Ceilings, Beams, Beadboard, Wainscoting
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· Garden Sprayer for Staining a Log Home
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· HVLP (high volume low pressure)
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· Airless
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· How much do I thin my paint?
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· Caulking Tips
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· Benjamin Moore Aura Paint, Prince George, BC Canada
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· testing colors on walls before painting
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· How high to hang pictures or art work?
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· Painting on HGTV - show us how to paint like a pro
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· Buying or Building a new home in Prince George?
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· Painting Dark Colours ?
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· Choosing Colours
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· Fast & Cheap Painting
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· Prince George - New Home Construction
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· Painting Bathrooms (around toilets)
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· Painting Fiberglass Doors
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· Using Fans to Clean Dust & Paint
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Random Testimonial
Lori Bryan Posted:

Dear Chris,

I'm so glad I chose you to paint my place! You were definitely the most detail conscious painter I've ever hired. Actually, the word painter seems like the wrong descriptive... you're more of an artist.

Thank you for going way beyond what your quote included. Even though the baseboards weren't supposed to be painted, thank you for your final act of service when you said, "Lori, if you run the vacuum around the edge of the floor, I'll do the baseboards for you!" That's a perfect example of your amazing work ethic and your pride in a job well done. Most painters would never go that extra mile. And the bathroom wall where I tore off the shelving unit looks pristine and the painted cupboards look beautiful. Again, you went way beyond what we agreed upon.

Thank you, thank you. I'm sure you've increased the value of my home immensely. Plus, you were just fun to have around. I hope you're in the business a long time... I'd love to hire you for my next house!

Warm regards,

Lori Bryan

West Vancouver

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·Prince George Real Estate Agencies
·Prince George Budget Painting
·Painting Bathrooms
·Prince George Painters - Wood Ceilings, Beams, Beadboard, Wainscoting
·Fast & Cheap Painting
·New Home Construction - Chalky, faded paint with gaps and cracks everywhere
·Property Protection
·Our Warranty
·Choosing a Painter
Prince George
Painting & Decorating Services

Prince George Interior Painters

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The PAINTING Guys offer Prince George 33 years experienced using Benjamin Moore Paint & Decorating products - Owner, Chris Bialuski specializes in high quality oil and latex painting of kitchen cabinets, ceilings, walls, crown molding, doors, window casings, baseboards, high entrances, mill work, running trim, wood staining and painting of all types of cabinets and vanities, railings, wood staining, log home finishing, exterior siding and more. Traditionally trained free hand painting to high quality HVLP and advanced airless spraying methods. The PAINTING Guys / Prince George BC Top Quality Painting & Decorating Services.

100% Customer Satisfaction fully insured painting contractor servicing Prince George, BC Canada. Prince George Real Estate/ renovation painters for Benjamin Moore, behr, CIL, ICI, General Paint, glidden, cloverdale Ace, Home Hardware, Timber Pro, Sikens and other box store paints.

High End Log Home Finishing and Staining

HIGH END Central Interior Painting for quality residential real estate - high end new construction or renovations, houses, town houses, apartments, condominiums, studios and more..
Central Interior "Prince George Painting".

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